O-Scent for all applications

O-Scent is a natural odour neutralizer that eliminates potentially toxic gasses. O-Scent effectively captures and breaks down odour particles.  The chemical structure in scent particles differ strongly in each situation. WVT Industries has developed different variants on our O-Scent product.

Discover the possibilities of O-Scent for the food processing industry.

Food Processing

WVT Industries has developed an O-Scent variant for treating all kinds of odours associated with the fish processing and food handling industries.

This product is very effective, concentrated, long lasting, odour neutraliser, containing plant and natural oil extracts. It does not mask the odour but neutralises it by encapsulating the odour molecule.  It is very effective in treating odours from food handling industries, particularly fish processing plants.

It can be diluted with water in a variety of concentrations depending on the level of odour.  The encapsulation and neutralising action prolongs the use of the chemical over conventional masking products.  Alternative fragrances are able to added if required, to the end use solution.

Inexpensive methods of delivery are able to be deployed specifically those via low pressure spray or pulsed water-misting equipment.
In addition to food processing areas, it’s also effective for food storage containers and transport equipment.

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