O-Scent for all applications

O-Scent is a natural odour neutralizer that eliminates potentially toxic gasses. O-Scent effectively captures and breaks down odour particles.  The chemical structure in scent particles differ strongly in each situation. WVT Industries has developed different variants on our O-Scent product.

Discover the possibilities of O-Scent for the production of asphalt.

Asphalt production

Odour emissions are one of the key concerns for manufacturers of bitumen membranes and asphalt. The industry has implemented several measures for reducing odour output. Examples are the placement of higher stacks, the implementation of fine dust filters, scrubbers, and the covering of storage areas. In some cases these measures are not sufficient and neighbours continue complaining about the odour emissions…

O-Scent is the perfect solution for destroying persistent odour emissions, even after the initial odour removal measures (like water scrubbing etc.)

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