O-Scent for all applications

O-Scent is a natural odour neutralizer that eliminates potentially toxic gasses. O-Scent effectively captures and breaks down odour particles.  The chemical structure in scent particles differ strongly in each situation. WVT Industries has developed different variants on our O-Scent product.

Discover the possibilities of O-Scent for the Petrochemical industry.


Emissions from industrial plants may give rise to both annoyance and concerns about serious health effects. In the petrochemical industry, potentially harmful substances are produced or used and some are toxic, foul smelling, or flammable.

Although concentrations of emissions from petrochemical plants are generally low, these substances often pollute the surrounding neighbourhoods with odours.

O-Scent provides a solution by gas-washing the scent particles and neutralizing the hazardous elements before they are released into the atmosphere.

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