O-Scent for all applications

O-Scent is a natural odour neutralizer that eliminates potentially toxic gasses. O-Scent effectively captures and breaks down odour particles.  The chemical structure in scent particles differ strongly in each situation. WVT Industries has developed different variants on our O-Scent product.

Discover the possibilities of O-Scent for the gas industry.

Gas industry

A natural odour neutralizer that breaks down and eliminates gas odour

O-Scent is very effective for neutralizing scent additives like THT (Tetrahydrotiofeen) and mercaptans.  Gas companies use these products to provide gas with that specific gas odour.

Odour control is an essential part of operations for industries trying to keep up with increasing government emissions regulations and improve conditions for workers and residents of surrounding areas.

While odour control solutions are offered up, many fall short in one of two categories. Either they act as mere air deodorizers and don’t address the elimination of potentially toxic gases – or as they eliminate gas odour, they introduce hazardous compounds into the areas as they “clean”.

It’s no cover-up

While other odour control systems claim to hide or cover unpleasant gas odours, O-Scent is proven to chemically convert foul and potentially harmful gases into non-odorous, non-toxic by-products. Independent testing has verified that O-Scent is effective in the breakdown and reduction of hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and ethyl and methyl mercaptans – potentially toxic gases which comprise the most common sources of malodour. Most of all, O-Scent is so effective, it often makes harsh scrubber chemicals and more elaborate odour control technologies unnecessary.

Elminitating gas odour requires a specific approach and has a high risk involved.  Because of this, we have founded a sister company named Technic Eco Services who specialises in these requests.

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