O-Scent for all applications

O-Scent is a natural odour neutralizer that eliminates potentially toxic gasses. O-Scent effectively captures and breaks down odour particles.  The chemical structure in scent particles differ strongly in each situation. WVT Industries has developed different variants on our O-Scent product.

Discover the possibilities of O-Scent for waste and water treatment

Waste and water treatment

Water treatment smell – controlling odour is one of the most challenging aspects of water treatment and waste plants. The first step in fixing the problem is identify where it’s coming from.

The water treatment smell is primarily due to the presences of hydrogen sulfide, but can also include mercaptans and organic acids that lend themselves to growing sulfur reducing bacteria. The bacteria generates hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a colorless gas with a foul, pungent odour similar to rotten eggs.

But also the build-up of solid waste at the bottom and sides of a tank can lead to odour from bacterial growth.

Odour problems in water treatment and waste plants can occur any time but are particularly problematic when combined with higher temperatures experienced in warmer months.

With O-Scent H2S we developed a product that will react directly with present H2S and transfer it into odorless and non-dangerous substances. At the same time O-Scent H2S will inhibit the new formation of H2S by bacteria. Press the button below for more detailed information.

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